Visual Connect

Do Your Next Deposition with Anyone in the World from Anywhere You Are
Visual Connect works like FaceTime or Skype videoconferencing, but it’s supercharged with features and security designed specifically for counsel. Without the hassle of scheduling deponents, questioners and other participants together or the inconvenience and cost of travel time and resources, Visual Connect will change how you participate and conduct depositions.

Participants can join the deposition from anywhere in the world in real time, and all that’s needed is:

  • A phone, tablet, laptop or desktop (Windows, Android or iOS)
  • A web cam or direct connection via a videographer’s camera
  • Internet connection

How does Visual Connect Work?
Up to 100 remote participants login to join the session using a browser on their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop with a webcam and internet connection. There’s no software to install or setup required.

Like any deposition, you can digitally present, share and stamp exhibits, upload documents, make annotations, and mark confidential with a custom exhibit sticker in real time.

You control who can annotate, and you can virtually hand the witness a blank “sheet” that allows him or her to easily draw and share. Then save the documents and send them directly to the reporter, which are also be available in your online repository for future reference.

Text and chat.
Deposition text can be simultaneously displayed on screen like closed captioning – a function you can turn off and on. The text stream can be scrolled through, annotated on the fly, associated with specific issue codes and saved. Using the chat function, you can interact via group texting with all deposition participants or privately with one.

Post deposition.
A draft transcript is saved in your online repository immediately after the deposition, which includes all of your notes and annotations. You can continue to annotate the draft transcript or export the transcript and annotations to applications like Summation, LiveNote or CaseMap.

Finally, the video feed can be recorded for future playback. Watching a recorded session and listening to audio is as easy as requesting a password from the system and logging in.

Visual Connect delivers rich video and audio performance
Visual Connect is as close to face-to-face as you can get without actually being there in person thanks to its rich video and audio performance. This high quality performance means you can observe the deponent and other participants’ demeanor and body language.

Documents and data are protected by state-of-the-art security
All documents and data are managed, stored and replicated in real time at one of the most secure, HIPPA-compliant, data centers in the world. All data is 256-bit encrypted in transit.

Mobile App lets you work online and offline
Connect to depositions and saved files using your iPad or Android tablet via Visual Connect’s mobile app. Using your device, you can:

  • View an upcoming events calendar
  • Join a live event
  • Interact with all cases online or download select cases for offline work
  • View and annotate draft transcripts and send via email
  • View and annotate final exhibits and send via email with or without your annotations

Want to learn more or see how it works in action? Contact The Cooper Group today and schedule a demo.

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